Mar 16, 2007

Gays chubby

Gays chubby. If you already not child, that enters
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The receptionist asked me about what type of woman I am interested in and whether I wanted to see some sample pictures. I went through the list and thought I had come to the wrong place because there was no preggo slut on the list! After browsing through 4 pages I noticed a blonde with a big belly.

he was still looking at the boot on the lady’s right foot, when unbelievably the woman opened her legs slightly, exposing what must have been the fattest pussy she had ever seen in her whole life!!! Now totally flustered, Meredith looked at the woman’s face, but got no response as she was holding one of the boots in her hand and inspecting it’s stitching pattern!

I got a phone call from this cute coed inviting me to her college sorority formal. I was impressed that with all the college guys available she would ask me. When I reminded her that I was a poor 18-year-old senior in high school, she laughed and said not to worry. That she would take care of everything including our hotel. My cock immediately got hard. Typical 18-year-old's reaction. I accepted the invitation and proceeded to drive several hours to the college.

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